Memphis Man Who Took Care Of Young Dolph's Memorial Shot And Killed: Report

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The murder of rapper Young Dolph continues to impact the community of Memphis, Tennessee since gunmen opened fire on the "Get Paid' artist in November 2021. Now, one of the late rapper's loyal fans has become a victim of a local shooting.

According to Fox 13 News, Jeremiah Taylor was shot and killed in Memphis last week. Police discovered his body on Friday (February 25) near Getwell Road, one of the main highways in the area. After Dolph's murder, Taylor took on the role of caring for a memorial that was created outside of Makeda's Homemade Cookies, where the rapper was killed.

Police are currently investigating the shooting and are looking for suspects. One of Taylor's friends told the news outlet that loved ones are learning more details about the shooting, but there's no clear motive.

Taylor visited Dolph's memorial every day, his relatives said, helping to keep things neat and adding to the array of posters, candles, and other items placed there by fans.

Taylor actually spoke with ABC 24 in January regarding the memorial.

"He was a legend, he was a king, so he still deserves to be treated as such," Taylor said in the news report. "It started off as me trying to get myself out of a rut. [Dolph's death] really put me in a bad situation, mentally. And so for my mental health, I was like, 'Alright, let me do something positive.'"

"I want people around the world to know that we care about Dolph, we not just gon' have his stuff looking any type of way," Taylor said. "The love he had, a lot of people are now realizing and seeing that's the person he always was –– taking care of his community and being a philanthropist and promoting financial independence and the morals that he taught."

"Jeremiah was a great person and he was so on point," Frank Gottie, Taylor's friend and local activist, told Fox 13. "He was helpful and would try to help anybody."

Reports indicate that the memorial is set to be taken down, but one of the owners of Makeda's Cookies told ABC 24 News there are plans for a new tribute to be installed as part of its remodeling.

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