Biden Considers Sending VP Harris To Europe To 'Show Solidarity'

Photo: Getty Images

President Joe Biden is "actively discussing" sending Vice President Kamala Harris to parts of Eastern Europe to show support and solidarity with Ukraine, sources familiar with the talks shared with The Hill.

The sources revealed Harris would be sent to Warsaw, Poland and Bucharest, Romania as soon as within the coming weeks. News of the talks emerged Thursday (March 3), on the eighth day of Russia's deadly invasion of Ukraine, as more than one million people flee the war-torn cities.

VP Harris, the sources said, would meet with troops stationed in Romania and possibly at the border with Ukraine. There's no discussion about sending President Biden because of the logistics involved.

"A presidential visit is a heavier logistical lift," the source explained. "The vice president has a smaller footprint and is historically more nimble."

The VP's office decline The Hill's request for comment but a White House official said that Harris has been "deeply involved in the administration's engagement with allies and partners."

Just this week, Harris spoke with the prime ministers of Poland and Romania and other European ally leaders while at the Munich Security Conference.

"You can expect the vice president will continue to engage with allies and partners on these issues," the official said. So far, the US has sent 3,000 troops to support efforts as Russia expands its invasion.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken departed Thursday (March 3) for a six-day trip to Europe, with stops expected in Belgium, Poland, Moldova, and the Baltic States.

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