White Woman Throws Black Lives Matter Candles While Screaming Obscenities

Photo: Getty Images

Yet another white woman has gone viral for racist behavior, earning the name "Karen" online. This time, the Karen trashed $200 worth of Black Lives Matter candles at a Walmart store in Kenosha, Wisconsin on the last day of Black History Month.

The woman, identified as Magdalena Ciechanowski, per The Daily Dot, was caught on camera throwing glass candles at full speed across the store. While she's destroying store property, the 42-year-old is screaming obscene remarks over and over.

"Black Lives don't matter," she says at one point, "my p––y matters," she says again and again. The video surfaced on TikTok where it's been viewed more than five million times.

According to Fox 6 News, the woman was able to drive away from the scene before police arrived, but was later arrested after the video went viral.

If you recall, Kenosha is the same city where Jacob Blake Jr was shot seven times in the back by a police officer in August 2020, and where Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of killing protesters after Blake's shooting.

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