LL Cool J Hilariously Responds To Tweet About His Music Video Shenanigans

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LL Cool J hopped on TikTok recently to respond to a viral tweet that questioned some of the rap legend's antics in his music videos.

"LL Cool J was ridiculous in every music video he was in. Just go look," a Twitter user tweeted this week. The tweet went viral, earning tens of thousands of likes and comments, but people also provided proof that the "Doin' It" rapper really pushed the envelope when it came to making some of his most memorable visuals.

"Time to break the silence," the Queens native says in a hilarious new TikTok responding to the viral tweet. "Yeah, I was definitely ridiculous," he said, adding, "that's my goal, I make my own rules."

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer first addressed the "Headsprung" video in which he mimicked playing the guitar on a woman's leg. The rapper explained that the move was actually inspired by something his dad always said when the rapper asked if he worked out: "The heaviest thing I lift is a leg."

"I always loved that," LL said, but also said that he should've had more girls and "had a whole band" for the video shoot.

Next came his video for "Loungin" feating the legendary R&B group Total. Someone on Twitter brought up that "LL poured chocolate syrup on shorty kneecaps in broad daylight on Jamaica ave while she sat on the hood of his car."

The rapper didn't disagree that it was "absolutely unhinged, chaotic behavior," but once again said he should've done more.

"I always felt there should've been more chocolate, maybe using a giant paintbrush or something and really go in," LL says in the TikTok video. "Now looking back, I should've went a little further with it, but yeah, it was unhinged."

Check out LL Cool J's full response in the tweet above or by clicking HERE.

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