Random Guy Challenges Mike Tyson To A Fight, Pulls Gun At LA Comedy Show

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Mike Tyson attended a comedy show in California on Tuesday (March 22) but instead of just sharing a couple of laughs, the boxing champ was challenged to a fight and had a gun drawn on him.

According to TMZ, Tyson was seated in the front row of a small comedy show at a rooftop bar in Hollywood when a random guy approached his table of friends to strike up a conversation. In the process, the random person disrupted Tyson, the comedian on stage, and everyone in attendance's experience.

Video obtained by the outlet shows the man going up to Tyson, but it's not clear what was being said. Eyewitnesses tell TMZ the man was actually challenging Tyson to a fight to elevate his "status."

Tyson didn't engage the guy, and mainly let him just talk. Eventually, someone who was serving as the host of the show comes up to tell the guy to leave, which enraged the guy challenging Mike Tyson to a fight.

The guy threatened to shoot the host and pulls a gun out from his waistband before cocking it in front of everyone. The crowd let out a gasp before people began ducking under tables.

Fortunately, the guy did not fire the gun and put it away, when he approached Mike Tyson again and pleaded to not have the cops called.

Mike sat there, let him talk, before embracing him. The guy left without further incident before others started to leave, too –– with some hesitation because they were afraid the man might've been lurking nearby. Tyson left after a while.

The outlet confirmed with the Los Angeles Police Department, who said they were never called to the scene.

Check out the footage by clicking HERE.

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