White Man Threatens To Lynch Popeyes Workers Over Refund Argument

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A viral video captured the disturbing moment a white man threatened to lynch employees of a Florida Popeyes because of a refund dispute.

The video, which started making its rounds online on Sunday (March 20), was filmed from the counter of the fast food location and posted online where thousands have viewed the unidentified white man's N-word-filled racist rant.

Though there is not much footage about what happened before the video starts, the white man, who is holding a phone to his ear when the video begins, demands a "refund" for his meal. At one point the man accuses the worker filming the incident of calling him a "cracker." When another worker, an older man, asked why he was called that, the white man tells on himself, stating: "I called her a f––king n**ger after she called me a cracker," he blurts out.

"You n**gers think this is f––king acceptable huh?" he says directly into the camera before exaggerating the racial slur for added emphasis, "You f––king n**gerrrrrrrr."

He went on to physically threaten the worker who he says called him a "cracker," making a threat too many Black Americans endured for centuries.

"I'ma hang you from a f––king tree, b*tch," the white man threatens.

The man continues on the rant, slinging more N-words, threats and even insults at the worker's grandmother. The worker delivers a sing-songy response, echoing "crackerrrrr" in the same way the white man did with the N-word earlier.

The man's rant and threats can be viewed below.

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