Here's Why Many People Watching The Oscars Think Will Smith's Slap Was Fake

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Some people watching the Oscars on Sunday (March 27) are convinced the shocking moment between Will Smith and Chris Rock was fake.

After watching slow-motion footage, eagle-eye viewers swear they saw Chris Rock grimace before the King Richard star's open palm landed on his face. The moment came as the Head of State actor presented the award for Best Documentary and made a reference to Jada Pinkett-Smith's hair. Will strolled on stage, slapping Chris in the face before returning to his seat to advise the presenter to "Keep my wife's name out of your f––king mouth."

As we've mentioned before, Jada has previously revealed her struggle with alopecia –– a medical condition that leads to hair loss.

"He braced for the hit even before it came!" one social media user posted after seeing a slowed down version of the on-stage moment.

"Chris Rock grimacing for what he knows is coming. His hand barely grazed him," another claimed.
"Actors, especially action actors like Will Smith, know how to pull off a punch (or slap) This was staged," another added.

"Will Smith and Chris Rock pulled off the work of the decade.. imagine believing this was real," a social media user wrote, using the hashtag #FakeSlap.

If you remember, though, this isn't the first time Will Smith has made headlines over a slap. Ten years ago, during the premiere of Men In Black III, the actor pushed a reporter off of him and tapped his face after the reporter attempted to kiss him.

"Hey man, what the hell is your problem," Will could be heard saying, before turning away. "He tried to kiss me on my mouth."

Watch the moment from 2012 below.

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