'Love & Hip Hop' Star Apple Watts Still Fighting For Her Life: Report

Photo: Instagram @applewatts_page

Former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Apple Watts is still in the hospital fighting for her life after a fiery car wreck left her with severe injuries.

Sources told TMZ that Watts suffered two breaks in her neck, a shattered arm, and a brain injury after a Ford F-250 collided with her Mercedes in Baker, California. The 36-year-old mother of three is able to breathe on her own, the sources said, but she's still receiving oxygen to hopefully help with the healing process.

Apple has not opened her eyes or been able to communicate verbally, and she underwent a successful surgery on her neck on Tuesday (March 29).

The reality TV star and rising musician was traveling to Las Vegas from LA last week when the crash occurred, the outlet reported. Apple's car flipped multiple times before bursting into flames. The passenger of the pickup truck was able to pull her from the flames and she was air-lifted to a local hospital for medical treatment.

The circumstances surrounding what caused the crash have not yet been determined. According to sources, Apple's loved ones and medical team are hopeful that she will recover, though the journey will be hard.

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