Fox News Commentator Slams Cardi B's Upcoming 'Baby Shark' Appearance

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Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson has more unflattering opinions on Cardi B and now specifically her upcoming Nickelodeon stint.

The rapper and her family are set to guest-star on the animated series Baby Shark’s Big Show!, but Carlson thinks Cardi B shouldn’t be a part of the kid show, and she’s ruining American culture.

On Tuesday (March 29), Carlson once again criticized her hit single "WAP" and its accompanying music video during his Fox News show, calling out Nickelodeon executives for their decision to create a Baby Shark character based on Cardi.

“So you watch something like that and probably your first thought was, ‘Man, I want my kids, my little kids, to get a lot more of Cardi B," he said. “Like how can they experience Cardi B and the Cardi B lifestyle, because obviously, that’s not bad for them or anything. They’re not going to wind up in rehab or as hookers.”

He previously commented on Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion’s Grammy performance of "WAP" claiming they were “intentionally trying to degrade our culture and hurt our children.”

Cardi B has been a vocal fan of Baby Shark watching the show and listening to its music alongside her daughter Kulture since 2019. Nickelodeon announced its collaboration with the mom of one last Thursday (March 24).

Carlson also invited fellow conservative commentator Candace Owens on his show to slam Cardi and her upcoming cameo on Baby Shark’s Big Show!.

Owens blamed Nickelodeon for giving Cardi B the platform to be on a show for young kids. She noted the rapper “doesn’t process the intelligence” to know she’s being taken advantage of by the network.

“It’s not Cardi B’s fault that she gets a phone call from Nickelodeon executives asking her to do this.” Owens continued “These executives know exactly what they’re doing...[which is] to further corrode culture.’'

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