Black Lives Matter Bought $6 Million Home With Donations: Report

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Black Lives Matter officials are being accused of secretly buying a $6 million California mansion using donation dollars, a report revealed on Monday (April 4).

Two weeks after the organization was gifted $66.5 million from its fiscal sponsor, the California residence was bought under the name of Dyane Pascall in October 2020, according to New York Magazine. An LLC took over the home to guarantee no one would know who actually owned it.

Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Melina Abdullah, the leaders of the movement, recorded their Youtube video honoring the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder in June with the million-dollar home on display in the background.

The California estate spreads over 6,500 square feet and houses six bedrooms and bathrooms, a pool, and parking for 20 cars, according to its online listing.

The BLM leaders reportedly tried to kill the story when a journalist began investigating the home. In a strategy memo, they claimed the residence would be used as an “influencer house,” which would serve as a hub for Black artists.

The report notes that since the home was purchased in the fall of 2020 under the guise of a “creative space,” no content has been produced.

Shalomyah Bowers, a board member of BLMGNF, said in a statement that the estate was bought to serve as a “housing and studio space” for recipients of the Black Joy Creators Fellowship.

Bowers added the organization “always planned” to inform the public of the home purchased in “furtherance of BLM’s mission.”

“The organization always planned to disclose the property on the upcoming 990 due May 15th as part of BLMGNF’s ongoing transparency efforts,” Bowers’ statement said. “BLMGNF has and continues to utilize the space for programming and leadership off-sites. The property does not serve as a personal residence."

Activists are calling the purchase “a waste of resources” and calling out the foundation's lack of transparency.

Candid co-founder Jacob Harold questioned BLMGNF's motives when speaking to New York Magazine, “Why aren’t you spending it on policy or, you know, other strategies that an organization might take to address the core issues around Black Lives Matter?”

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