Black Professor Pushes Black Women To Marry White Men

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A Black law professor believes Black women would find more success marrying outside of their race.

Ralph Richard Banks, professor and co-founder of Stanford's Center for Racial Justice, wrote an editorial for the New York Post titled “Why More Black Women Should Consider Marrying White Men” where he urged his fellow sisters to abandon the idea of marrying Black men.

“Black women should not be held hostage to the struggles of Black men,” Banks' piece reads. They should “marry out” and not “marry down,” he added.

Banks claimed Black women will need to free themselves from race loyalty before they will be able to find healthy relationships.

“Rather than partner with men of other races, many heterosexual Black women either don’t marry or marry Black men with whom they are not especially well-matched,” the professor wrote.

Banks continued to share his plea to Black women by citing his book Is Marriage for White People?

“I explained in the book why Black women should not be pressured to sacrifice their own chances for happiness out of some misplaced loyalty to Black men.” Banks stated, “Nor should Black women feel beholden to Black men under the guise of advancing the race.” 

The Stanford professor brought Vice President Kamala Harris and Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson into the discussion, suggesting their life success was due to marrying white.

Readers fired back against Banks’ controversial take. 

“Complete BS editorial... First and foremost these women mentioned were successful before the White ‘Savior’ come into the picture..what a completely Racist assumption.”

However, other commenters agreed with the writer.

“MOST Black men are not checking/looking for Black women so move on.”

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