Twitter Reacts To Donald Glover's Self-Interview

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Twitter is responding after rapper-actor Donald Glover asked himself some questions for Interview Magazine.

The self-interview was published Thursday (April 7) and explored the topics of his music, his role models, and his potential fear of Black women. The feature left some Twitter users puzzled and asking more questions, specifically, "Why?"

The Atlanta creator actually asked himself this question for the magazine: "Why'd you want to do this?" Glover, whose rap name is Childish Gambino, asked himself.

"I guess I don't love interviews and I asked myself, 'Why don't you like interviews?' And I think part of it is that the questions are usually the same," he answered. "This way I can get questions I don't usually get asked."

Apparently, one of the questions Glover doesn't get asked is, "Are you afraid of Black women?" To which he responded:

"Why are you asking me that?" he asked himself.

"I feel like your relationship to them has played a big part in your narrative," he followed-up. Then, without actually answering his own question, the "3005" lyricist said, "I feel like you're using Black women to question my Blackness."

Online, people wondered why the Guava Island star brought up Black women in the interview in the first place.

"Why bring us up if he's not even going to answer the question? Lmao," one Twitter user critiqued.

As if predicting what would happen after the interview's release, Glover tweeted last week, "i see yall talkin on me. and i said it already: @ me. if its a true critique, i need dat receipt. be brave wicha blue check. looking forward to yall being mad @ me next week."

One Twitter user proposed Donald give another interview –– this time with a Black woman.

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