Lawyer Says White Woman Fatally Stabbing Black Boyfriend Was 'Self-Defense'

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A new statement from a lawyer for the white woman who fatally stabbed her Black boyfriend in Miami claims she acted in self-defense.

On Monday (April 11), Frank Prieto, the lawyer representing Courtney Clenney, asserted that he was confident there would be no charges brought against his client for killing her boyfriend Christian Toby Obumseli, NBC News reports.

Clenney’s lawyer said in a statement that the couple had a “complicated” and “clearly toxic” two-year relationship. One week before the stabbing, allegations of abuse surfaced causing Clenney to kick Obumseli out of her apartment, Prieto added. 

The lawyer noted in his statement that Clenney was hospitalized for emergency mental health services after the killing.

Obumseli’s family said in a statement on Friday (April 8) that they have “no cause to believe that this was a case of self-defense.”

“Toby was raised by a very strong family, with strong morals, strong values. He does not come from that,” the victim’s cousin Karen Edbuna said.

Miami Police Department is currently investigating the April 3 stabbing that killed Obumseli. According to the department, the couple had a physical fight that ended with Clenney stabbing Obumseli to death. 

According to the victim’s family, Obumseli was caring, kind, and a star athlete. Obumseli’s family is seeking answers and justice after the domestic violence incident, NBC Miami reports.

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