Twitter Reacts To Comedian Druski's Skit Pressuring Women To Drink

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With over 4 million Instagram followers, internet comedian Druski has gained notoriety for keeping Black people laughing with his videos, but his latest post has gone sour.

In a now-deleted skit, the comedian played out a party scene where the men pressured the women to excessively drink. Druski pieced together various clips showing how men prey on drunk women.

In one scene, Druski acted out how men serve women overflowing cups of liquor on purpose, while they sit back and drink significantly less. The group also played the game "Never Have I Ever" where the men intentionally asked questions that forced the women to take shots.

Throughout the skit, Druski plotted what would happen at the end of the night with the drunk women.

Warning: Explicit language is in the video.

On Tuesday (April 12), Druski Instagrammed the controversial skit with the caption “That Friend that tries to make the girls OVERLY drink,” with the crying laugh and facepalm emojis. The 27-year-old quickly removed the post after the comments turned overwhelmingly negative.

Despite deleting the post from Instagram, Druski's skit still made its way to Black Twitter sparking a larger conversation about men coercing women into drinking and nightcaps.

Considering the caption, some viewers believed that Druski's comedy was making light of predatorial behavior and sexual assault.

Others defended the comedian saying the video brought awareness to the issue. Druski's skits are known to make fun of real-life behavior, so his defenders said this type of comedy follows his usual style.

Druski hasn't spoken out since deleting the now-viral video.

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