Animal Activist Apologizes For Chaining Herself To Grizzlies Basket

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The 19-year-old woman who stormed the Grizzlies’ court in protest of animal violence has apologized to the Memphis community for her actions, Action News 5 reports. 

Zoe Rosenberg is facing criminal charges after chaining herself to a basketball goal and hurling political flyers during Saturday's (April 16) Grizzlies game at FedExForum. The protest interrupted the Memphis Grizzlies' first playoff game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Rosenburg was arrested for her disruption and is set to appear in court on May 16. 

A passionate animal rights activist, Rosenburg told Action News 5, “Nothing but respect to the Memphis community. I’m sorry that folks felt like the game was interrupted and if anybody felt like it was disrespectful."

She added, “I just wanted to raise awareness about this really big issue and demand justice for the 5.3 million who died in excruciating pain.”

Rosenburg claimed that Glen Taylor, the former owner of the Timberwolves, owns a factory egg farm and is responsible for roasting 5.3 million chickens alive. She protested at the Grizzlies’ game to raise awareness of Taylor’s violence towards animals. 

“I think my message was heard loud and clear and I hope Glen Taylor will step down from his role at the factory egg farm and donate the government money he was given for killing all these chickens,” Rosenburg said. “I hope he’ll donate that to public charities.”

Questions of security have surfaced as Rosenburg noted that she was easily able to walk on the court after making it through FedExForum’s metal detectors with the metal chains that she used to attach herself to the goal.

As she faces charges of criminal trespass and disorderly conduct, Rosenburg said in a statement that she sees legal consequences as a small sacrifice to get these issues heard.

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