Viola Davis Adopted Michelle Obama's Mannerisms & Twitter Isn't Having It

Photo: Getty Images

Viola Davis is under social media scrutiny for the way she’s portraying the 44th president's first lady.

Showtime’s new series The First Lady takes on American history through the eyes of former first ladies Michelle Obama, Betty Ford, and Eleanor Roosevelt. The show debuted on Sunday (April 17) with Davis starring as Obama.

Twitter was quick to notice and call out Davis for adopting certain facial expressions during the show’s debut. 

Davis told Vanity Fair ahead of the premiere that she was afraid she wouldn't be able to live up to the task of portraying the lawyer, writer, and activist. 

“She’s an icon. Everyone knows what she looks like and what she sounds like so I am absolutely terrified,” Davis said. “But I’m mostly terrified about what she will think. I don’t want to insult her and have her calling me. I gotta make the sister look good.”

Davis noted that she studied the former first lady’s speech patterns and watched many videos to adopt her mannerisms. 

Some viewers saw Davis’ performance as a caricature of Obama, especially in the way she pursed her lips throughout the show. 

Others took to social media to praise the How To Get Away With Murder star for her acting abilities, despite this blunder in her career. 

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