Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punches Flight Passenger In The Face

Photo: Getty Images

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson repeatedly punched a man in the face while on a plane Wednesday night (April 20), TMZ reported. The incident was caught on camera in footage obtained by the outlet.

Witnesses revealed that Tyson and a friend had boarded a JetBlue flight in San Francisco that was headed to Florida and had even posed for selfies with the man and other passengers before taking his seat on the plane. The 55-year-old fighting champ apparently didn't lose his cool until after the man –– who was seated behind him –– wouldn't stop talking in Tyson's ear even after the boxer asked him to stop.

That's when witnesses say Tyson began to throw several punches, hitting the man in the face and leaving a bloody mess. Seconds later, TMZ was told that Tyson walked off the plane and the man who was on the receiving end of the punches sought medical attention and law enforcement authorities.

So far, details about police involvement have not been released. Neither Mike Tyson's camp or JetBlue Airlines have spoken about the incident.

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