Eric Adams Slams Democrats For Backing BLM Instead Of Police Officers

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NYC Mayor Eric Adams sat down with Anderson Cooper on CBS' 60 Minutes where he called out own his party for supporting Black Lives Matter and not police officers.

The 61-year-old former NYPD police captain also told Cooper that Democrats' support of BLM has led to lawmakers being unable to talk about real solutions to gun violence –– which he believes involves giving more power to cops.

"Democrats don't like talking about intervention," Adams said. "But we have to lean into the discomfort of the immediate things we must do. Because you can't say Black Lives Matter when a police officer shoots a young person but does that Black life matter when a 12-year-old baby was shot?"

Cooper asked Adams why he thinks Democrats don't discuss intervention, to which Adams replied, "Because when you talk about intervention, you have to use the term of giving police officers the tools to deal with violence right now."

When compared to one of his predecessors, Rudy Giuliani, Adams said that the former NYC mayor's infamous "broken windows" policing is actually something a lot of people of color "want."

"They have allowed Rudy Giuliani to hijack something that the overwhelming number of people of color want," Adams said. "They will tell you, 'We want our police. We don't want our police to be abusive,'" he added. "And that is the balance that I know we each can do in this city."

"There is a middle ground," Adams said later. "We only talk about, 'How do we protect the rights of those who commit a crime?' How about start talking about, 'How do we protect the rights of people who are doing the right thing?'"

See Adams' full interview above.

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