Memphis Mother & Kids Fight Another Student Over $28 On School Bus

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A Memphis mother got involved in a school bus brawl as her kids fought another student over $28, new video shows.

On April 13, a mother and her two kids, students at MLK Prepartory Academy, jumped 17-year-old Kentavion Dancey on a school bus, Fox 13 reports. Video of the incident now shows the mother using profanity while encouraging her son and daughter to fight Dancey.

As her kids continued to throw punches at the 17-year-old, the mother got in on the action and lunged at Dancey.

Dancey said the mother's son wrongly accused him of stealing $28.

“He said I had his money, and he said he got me after school,” Dancey said to Fox 13. “So, he waited until I got on the bus to come on there, and the bus driver didn’t even stop it or close the door. He just let them come on there.”

Dancey continued, “One of my friends, he had his card or something, and then he added money to it, and then he sent it to me, but it showed my name, and he sent it to me, and I didn’t even tell him to send it to me."

Dancey said that he sent the money back after finding out where it came from. Despite Dancey's actions to rectify the situation, the mother can be seen grabbing the teen's hair during the video.

“I feel like she shouldn’t have never touched me because she is grown,” Dancey added.

Footage also shows the mother threatening to come back again to finish the job. Now, Loran Stevison, the 17-year-old's grandmother, is afraid to send Dancey back to MLK Preparatory.

“They said we’ll get you Monday, so I didn’t let him go to school,” said Loran Stevison. “I kept him out for that whole week because I was scared they were going to get him when they see him on the bus.”

Dancey, a football and basketball player, sustained injuries from the fight that doctors say will keep him out of sports for the foreseeable future.

Frayser Community Schools said in a statement, "Anyone who has seen the video knows that it shows an unfortunate situation that escalated quickly." The statement continued, "While the bus driver followed safety protocol by immediately requesting assistance, we will continue to collaborate with the bus company to ensure safety measures are always followed and updated when needed."

The Memphis Police Department is currently investigating the fight, according to the statement.

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