Chicago Officials Believe Two Violent Robberies Near DePaul Linked: Report

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Chicago authorities believe at least two violent robberies that took place near DePaul University on Friday morning (May 6) may be linked.

According to ABC News 7, a shooting in Lincoln Park left one man critically wounded while a DePaul student was robbed nearby. The shooting victim was reported to be a man in his 20s who was found on the ground around 3:05 a.m. Friday (May 6) off of West Webster Avenue, police said.

Minutes before the shooting, another robbery took place near Fullerton and Clifton Avenues, police said. In both incidents, a white sedan with two people inside was listed as being involved.

Second Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins told the outlet that the white car stalked the shooting victim as he walked down Wayne Avenue. Another man was hiding behind a corner waiting for the victim to walk by to rob him. A struggle ensued and three shots were heard.

Neighbors who heard the shots called for emergency help and the man was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center in critical condition.

In the other robbery, an alert issued by DePaul said that a white sedan stopped, and a passenger got out and demanded the student's belongings. The student was not injured, University officials said.

"We're watching our city decline into criminal lawlessness," Hopkins said. "You know there literally is not a neighborhood in Chicago that is immune from this now. It happens everywhere," Hopkins added.

"It can happen at any time and it's just terrifying to people. This has to stop."

Police are using video to investigate the robberies and have already determined that the suspected robbers left the neighborhood immediately after the incidents.

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