New Details of Kevin Samuels' Death Revealed in 911 Call

Photo: Kevin Samuels Instagram

In a newly released 911 call from the night of Kevin Samuels' death, a woman can be heard desperately trying to save his life, TMZ reports.

Last Thursday (May 5), news broke that Samuels had suddenly died at age 57. According to 911 audio obtained by TMZ, a woman, who identifies as a nurse, called emergency services while trying to perform CPR on the controversial Youtuber in his apartment.

Over the phone, the nurse told an emergency operator that Samuels was experiencing heart issues and needed immediate assistance. However, the woman had trouble identifying the image consultant's address because it was allegedly her first time in his apartment.

According to the woman's account, Samuels began turning blue, and she believed he was suffering from irregular heart rhythm. The nurse asked the 911 operator to call the building's front desk to see if they had an AED to revive Samuels.

However, the front office was reportedly closed.

Police reports say Samuels began experiencing chest pains Thursday morning before collapsing.

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