Judge Rules On Bail Amount For Dave Chappelle's Alleged Attacker

Photo: Getty Images

The man arrested for storming a comedy show stage, and tackling Dave Chappelle to the ground will remain behind bars, after a California judge made a ruling Tuesday (May 10).

According to TMZ, the judge refused to lower the bail amount set for Isaiah Lee, the 23-year-old captured backstage by security and later arrested by LAPD following the on-stage incident at the Hollywood Bowl last week. Authorities said Lee was armed with a replica gun that ejected a blade when deployed properly at the time of the attack.

Lee appeared in court Tuesday (May 10) and asked the judge to decrease his $30,000 bond and to be released. The judge denied both requests, meaning Lee will remain in custody for now.

Lee was charged with four misdemeanors including possession of a weapon with intent to assault.

Lee has pleaded not guilty in the case and faces up to 18 months in county jail if convicted. The accused attacker is expected back in court on May 20, the outlet reported.

In a statement, Chappelle's rep described the attack as "unsettling."

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