White Councilwoman Apologizes After Calling Black Colleague 'Ghetto'

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A white councilwoman in Michigan is apologizing after facing backlash for using the word "ghetto" to describe her Black colleague.

Flint's Ninth Ward Councilwoman Eva Worthing told NBC 25 News she "absolutely" wished she had a different reaction to a disagreement with Council Chairwoman Jerri Winfrey-Carter during a May 4 meeting.

Video from the meeting shows that council members discussed the technicalities of amending a motion when Winfrey-Carter questions why the amendment is being proposed in the first place. Worthing, who is white, responds to Winfrey-Carter, "Because we can," which sets off chaos during the meeting.

"You know what, don't get funny up in here, because I'll turn this out," Winfrey-Carter said. At some point, Worthing refers to the Chairwoman's response as "ghetto."

"That is a racist term," Councilwoman Tonya Burns said, calling Worthing out. "Don't say ghetto."

Worthing got a warning from Winfrey-Carter, which she tried to appeal, but was seconded by Second Ward Councilwoman Ladel Lewis, Detroit News reported.

In her interview with NBC 25 News, Worthing said she "was just shocked that it came out of my mouth in the first place because I don't normally talk that way."

"I think it was frustration. Pure frustration," Worthing continued, adding claims that she's been enduring "years of abuse" on the council.

"The fact is I am constantly called a nasty white woman," Worthing said. "My race has been mentioned at every meeting."

In a May 6 Facebook post, Worthing wrote, "I have never received an apology for the way that I have been treated over the last 4.5 years. And I never will."

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