Cops Helping Injured Victims Fought Off 'Hostile Crowd' In Chicago Shooting

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A Chicago shooting on Tuesday (May 10) left one person dead and four injured, and officers were reportedly interrupted as they tried to give the victims first aid.

Cops arrived at a South Side Chicago neighborhood and found five people had been shot, CNN reports.

Chicago Police Commander Don Jerome said in a statement, "Officers immediately attempted to perform life-saving measures on those that were shot, and they were met by a hostile crowd." Jerome added, "Members from the community and gang members from this crowd were actively fighting the police while they were trying to attend to the victims."

According to police, no officers were injured as a result of the interruption, but bullets killed one victim and left two others with critical injuries. The two other people who were shot are in stable condition.

Three weapons linked to the fatal incident were found by Chicago police. A vehicle that fled the scene and crashed blocks away stowed two of the weapons, and officers are currently working to find the occupants of the vehicle, officials say.

Jerome noted, "There's a historic gang conflict between two rival gangs here. We don't believe that the community is being targeted, but that it's specific gang members that are targeting one another in this historic conflict."

Tuesday's incident follows the 779 shootings that have occurred in Chicago this year, CNN reports.

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