South African Celebrates 128th Birthday As 'World's Oldest Woman': Report

Photo: DSD NW Twitter

Johanna Mazibuko turned 128 on Wednesday (May 11), and she is thought to be the oldest woman alive, Metro reports.

Hailing from South Africa, Mazibuko has endured British colonialism, apartheid, and two world wars since her birth in 1894. The 128-year-old attests her old age to a childhood diet of fresh milk and wilted spinach.

Despite many believing Mazibuko reigns as the "world's oldest woman," she has yet to be formally recognized by the Guinness Book of Records. The elder's South African community has pushed for the 128-year-old to be acknowledged worldwide.

OJ Madikong, a village prophet, previously told News 24, "I believe Mazibuko could have long since been put in Guinness book of Records. The whole world would know, but we know that it is never late."

Madikong added, "As long as we as people in Africa know that there is such a person, we are happy that there is someone with 128 years, whether they try to hide her or what but we know there is."

Mazibuko's hearing has become impaired, but she remains mobile. Since 2001, Mazibuko has employed caretaker Thandiwe Wesinyana to watch over her.

The senior was reportedly raised on a maize farm in Ottosdal with her 11 siblings.

Two of Mazibuko's seven children are alive today, and she has 50 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Mazibuko said during the week of her birthday, "When I die, they must slaughter a cow for me. They must bury me well so that I never bother them."

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