White Mom Sues Biracial Son's School After He Identified As 'Just' Black

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A White Virginia mom is suing her biracial son's school for teaching Critical Race Theory that she says "totally changed his perspective," Fox News reports.

On "Jessie Walters Primetime", Melissa Riley said she saw a drastic behavior change in her 13-year-old son after his middle school implemented an "anti-racism policy." Riley claimed that her son, whose dad is African-American, began developing "racial issues" and is now seeing himself differently from his peers due to the Critical Race Theory curriculum taught at Albemarle School District. 

"We didn’t have issues before. He is in eighth grade," Riley told Jesse Watters on Monday (May 16). "He's seeing himself just as a Black man. He's seeing things that don’t go his way as racism. And he is finding safety in numbers now."

Riley added that her 13-year-old is accusing her of "racism" to get out of his responsibilities.

"I asked him to clean the house, [he said] ‘racism,’" Riley said.

The Virginia mom said that the school's "anti-racism" curriculum has "totally changed his perspective" and put her biracial son "in a box."

The middle schooler is "using it as an excuse because they have told him that that’s how people see him, as a Black man, that the world is against and [he] sees it as a negative now," Riley said.

When Riley confronted the school about their curriculum, administrators allegedly told her that her son could be a "Black spokesman for the Black community."

"When I told them I didn’t think that that would be appropriate, they told me that if he was uncomfortable with the conversations, he and other children of color could go to a safe place during these conversations," Riley said. "And that’s segregation."

Riley and her son are some of the plaintiffs suing Albemarle County School Board, according to a lawsuit originally filed in December. Riley's lawyer, Ryan Bangert, said the school is in "violation of student's civil rights."

Bangert told Watters during Monday's interview, "It’s never right for a school to teach kids that they are determined by their race."

The lawyer continued, "It’s never okay for a school to tell kids that bigotry should be fought with bigotry and racism should be fought by doubling down on racism. Those things are not okay."

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