Students Taped 'Whites Only' Signs Water Fountains At Ohio High School

Photo: Getty Images

A group of high school students was disciplined after they taped "whites only" and "Blacks only" signs to their school's water fountains, and posted pictures of it on social media.

Officials with the Northwest Local School District in Cincinnati confirmed that they were made aware of the racist incident at Colerain High School earlier this month on May 5 at which point they began investigating. They discovered that the signs were up on the fountains for less than a minute while the students responsible took photos of their handiwork. The students then posted the photos to social media.

"Those who participated in this tasteless and harmful act have been issued significant disciplinary actions," the District declared in a statement made on May 16.

The school notified parents on May 5 after the photos of the signs were made known.

"Any student, including those who are found to have taken part in sharing this post online, will also be subject to action," the letter reads in part, according to NBC News. "The actions that were displayed do not reflect the values and culture of Colerain High School or the Northwest Local School District."

According to the US News and World Report, Colerain's student body of 1,700 students is 30% Black and 50% white.

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