Dr. Umar Johnson Explains Why He Was Talking To 'Snow Bunny' In Viral Video

Photo: Instagram @drumarjohnson

Dr. Umar Johnson, the outspoken "Prince of Pan-Africanism," is speaking out after a viral video appears to show him laughing it up with a white woman at the mall.

A video originally posted to the Twitter account @Reese_856 shows Johnson, who has been public about his feelings against interracial dating, chatting and laughing with a white woman at the Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey.

"Dr umar was at the cherry hill mall boul wasn’t low," the caption reads.

The woman is holding a phone and smiling as Johnson shares inaudible pleasantries. The video has been viewed more than three million times and people can't stop talking about Johnson and the unidentified woman's body language in the clip.

Of course the video has caused a commotion on social media.

In response to the viral video, Johnson explained that he was at the mall to get his phone fixed and stopped by a kiosk for some incense and crystals. Johnson also said whoever took the video left out the part where he spoke to a Black man, too.

"Why did you dusty snowbunny loving betamales leave out the footage of me taking a pic with the Brother? That would’ve given context to the conversation with the vendor. Why did you remove the footage of me paying her for my incense? Lastly, why did you not show me walking off? After the pic with the brother she asked who was I. I told her then she pulled her phone out and searched me on YouTube," Johnson wrote on Instagram.

"I simply pointed to those videos on her phone and said “that’s me.” She said, “Wow! That is you!” I promptly picked up my merchandise bag and headed to the smoothie shop, where I ran into the beautiful Sistah that I took a picture with, and then on to my car to get back to Philly before the storm hit. You Negroes can’t stand a principled BlackMan……," he added.

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