'You Don't Belong Here': White Men Harrass & Throw Rock At Black Teen

Photo: Getty Images

Two Florida white men have been arrested after violently attacking a Black teenager driving through their neighborhood in Sanford, Florida, the same town where Trayvon Martin was killed.

On Wednesday (June 15), the 16-year-old boy shared video of the attack on Instagram.

“I was racially profiled while driving through my friend’s neighborhood," the teenager captioned his post. "They didn’t like the way I was driving, so they felt the need to hit my car with a cone, and throw a rock through my window. All I wanted to do was de-escalate until police came because I wasn’t about to get charges pressed on me for no reason.”

Video shows the 16-year-old's vehicle damaged by a rock and the two white men, identified as Donald Corsi and Howard Hughes, harrasing the 16-year-old.

After Corsi accuses the teenager of “burning out, racing through [his] neighborhood," Hughes tells the boy, "Get out of my neighborhood f***wad."

“Get out of this neighborhood. You don’t belong here,” a woman adds.

The rock thrown by one of the men can be seen in the backseat of the boy's car, which is filled with shattered glass. Under the smashed window lies a large dent and scratches on the rear door, per the video.

According to Heavy, Corsi was charged with weapon offenses for launching a “missile” into the teen's vehicle, and Hughes was charged with first-degree misdemeanor battery. Both offenders also face criminal mischief charges.

The victim's sister said via Twitter, “Yesterday my 16-year-old brother was racially profiled in a neighborhood in Sanford Florida, the same city as Trayvon Martin. Luckily, he had a different fate. I commend my brother for how he reacted in the situation."

She added, "They tried to throw a brick at his head, And missed.”

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