Styles P Intervenes As Police Wrestle Unarmed Black Woman To Ground: Watch

Photo: Getty Images

The Lox's Styles P quickly jumped in to help a Black woman being pinned to the ground and detained by police in his hometown, new viral video shows.

On July 12 (Tuesday), video surfaced of Yonkers, New York cops wrestling and handcuffing an unarmed Black woman to the ground.

Another female bystander began recording the incident as officers continued to roughhouse the detained woman, who repeatedly told the cops she wasn't resisting arrest.

The now-viral video then shows Styles P witnessing the violent detainment and immediately intervening.

"Yo! He's a b***h," the rapper says to one of the officers, as he tells the bystander to continue recording the incident.

Styles P proceeds to advise the woman being pinned to the ground to "loosen up" in an attempt to deescalate the police encounter.

Warning: Video contains explicit language

"You's a f***ing h*e," he tells another officer. "You a whole b***h."

The cop then moves away from the woman and approaches the rapper who responds by raising his hands and saying, “I'mma back up. Don’t touch me.”

As he continues to stand his ground against the police officer, Styles P shouts, "You slammed a girl! For no reason!"

The viral video has now made its way to Twitter where users are applauding The Lox rapper for protecting the unarmed woman from excessive police force.

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