White Woman Harasses Black Man Standing Outside His Home In Gated Complex

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New video has emerged of a white woman "racially profiling" and "harassing" a Black man standing outside of his home in a gated community.

Joshua Miller took to social media to post his interaction with a woman identified as Lisa Smith, who allegedly followed his family home from a local park.

"Just walking home from the park with my two kids (13 & 5) and this lady followed me to my house and #raciallyprofiled me and #harrassed me. Outside of my own house! #thisisamerica," Miller tweeted along with a video of the scene.

Miller began filming when Smith approached him with questions about what he was doing as he stood outside of his own home.

“What are you, right now, sitting out here doing?” Smith says as she attempts to block the entrance of Miller's townhome.

“I’m minding my own business. What are you doing?” Miller responds.

“I don’t think you are minding your own business,” Smith fires back.

The two go back and forth as the woman continues to question Miller in front of his home. He repeatedly tells Smith that they are both standing on his property.

“Why are you standing outside your house, doing what you’re doing?” Smith asks.

“I don’t think that’s any of your concern, what I’m doing,” Miller replies.

As the conversation comes to a close, the woman can be seen exiting the gated community.

Users across the social media platform commented on the interaction calling it "disturbing" and "racist."

One Twitter user wrote, “Very disturbing and chilling that this person felt that she had some right to stand in front of you and your home, in your own community – to harass and insult you this way. #EndRacism.”

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