38-Year-Old Black Bride Goes Viral For Stunning Gray Wedding Hair

Photo: Getty Images

A Florida bride has garnered millions of views on social media after sharing her stunning natural wedding hair, People reports.

Recently married Kadeja Jackson, 38, embraced her natural, gray hair on her wedding day against her stylist's suggestion to cover it up.

"I didn't want to look in the mirror on my wedding day and see a stranger," Jackson told People. "I just wanted to look like me."

Her wedding look, inspired by old-school Hollywood glamour, has now gone viral inspiring women across the nation to appreciate their own natural beauty.

Jackson said she "cannot believe the feedback" she's received on her wedding video, which has garnered 1.5 million views on TikTok and nearly 6 million views on Instagram.

"It has taken me totally off guard," Jackson said. "Because everybody is all, 'Oh, I'm so amazed with your style, I'm so amazed by your hair. You're so stunning.' And I'm like, 'What? Are they serious?' It's exciting, but it's very surprising."

After her hair started going gray at 16, Jackson spent 15 years going to the salon for weekly touch-ups.

She decided to stop coloring her hair seven years ago.

"I started to embrace it," Jackson said. "I felt more beautiful than I did before. I got tons of compliments."

Now, Jackson said she received thousands of messages after sharing her hair journey with the world.

"If I can encourage anyone, I'm happy," she said. "I've been getting a lot of messages about people embracing themselves — just off of my confidence that they see. They're now willing to embrace things that they didn't quite embrace at first. I got a few stories in my Instagram, people sending me voice messages. Just to know that you can inspire so many people off being yourself, it makes me smile. It makes me happy."

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