Disney World's Woody Ensures Black Kids Are Greeted After Sesame Place Snub

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A costumed employee at Disney World made sure all of the children attending a parade felt welcomed as Sesame Place faces allegations of racism for snubbing Black kids.

On Tuesday (August 2), a father shared a video on TikTok of his family's heartwarming experience at Disney's Orlando theme park.

His two young kids can be heard in the video trying to get the attention of costumed Toy Story character Jessie as she walked down a street lined with a mass of fans.

Jessie was on the opposite side of the street and appeared to be preoccupied with entertaining the crowd as the children repeatedly shouted her name to get noticed.

Another costumed employee portraying Woody noticed the Black children shouting for Jessie's attention and flagged her down so they could both greet them.

"Woody help[ed] make Havyn day!!! She got to get a hug from Jessie #disneyworld #yougotafriendinme," the father captioned his now-viral TikTok.

After a number of videos emerged of Black children being seemingly ignored by Sesame Place characters, the heartwarming footage of Jessie embracing a young Black girl garnered over a million views.

Sesame Place Philadelphia, owned by SeaWorld Parks, is currently facing a $25 million dollar discrimination lawsuit alleging that its costumed employees purposely snubbed a five-year-old Black girl and other Black families attending a meet-and-greet at the amusement park.

A Chuck E. Cheese in New Jersey has also recently come under fire after a mother said its mascot high-fived a number of white children, but ignored her two-year-old daughter.

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