'Karen' Caught Sending Racist Texts About Black Woman With Braids: Video

Photo: Getty Images

A "Karen" was caught sending racist texts after being mistakenly touched by a Black woman's braids, a TikTok user shared in a now-viral video per Black Enterprise.

TikTokker Riah Elese posted a video calling out a white woman on her flight for sending text messages about being touched by her "nasty dreads/cornrows."

“There was a Karen on my flight today, read what she texted her family,” Elese captioned her TikTok video.

Elese's footage shows the messages of a white woman describing a "COON" whose braids swiped her while leaving the airplane.

Elese was seated across the aisle from the "Karen" during the flight and recorded the video as the plane landed, the TikToker explained in a second video.

As passengers were deboarding, Elese said she accidentally touched the white woman with her braids while reaching for her cabin bag.

In response to the swipe, the white woman told her, "Don't worry about it," but proceeded to send discriminatory texts to her family, Elese alleged.

“The message basically said that she just got hit twice with the dreads/cornrows of a COON — COON in all caps," the TikTok user said noting that she had apologized for the swipe.

“She proceeded to call me disrespectful,” Elese added.

In her video, Elese also acknowledged social media users who accused her of "violating" the white woman's privacy by recording her messages.

However, many users commented that the invasion of privacy was justified due to the circumstances.

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