'No Black People Allowed': South African Town Only Houses White Residents

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A TikTok creator has called attention to a town in South Africa that exclusively houses white people and allegedly doesn't "allow" Black people to reside in it.

In a video that has garnered over 600,000 views, TikTok user @elsa.majimbo calls out Orania, a modern-day, "white-only town" in South Africa.

"Don't go there if you're Black," the TikToker warns in her video. "No Black people are allowed."

Though many in the comments expressed disbelief of a town in Africa where everyone is white, Orania is a booming rural area that dates back to 1991, per NDTV.

White Afrikaners, who are descendants of 17th-century Dutch colonizers, bought and took over 19,000 acres of land on the banks of the Orange River at the close of the apartheid.

Under South Africa's post-apartheid constitution, White Afrikaners were able to create the privately-owned town of Orania that legally operates autonomously from the central government.

The "white-only town" holds a homogenous population of 2,500, but adamantly shuts down allegations of racism.

"People see Orania and maybe see there are no Black workers... and their first idea is 'wow these guys must be racist', that's exactly not the case," pioneer resident Wynand Boshoff said in a statement.

In the rich suburbs of South Africa, almost all manual work is exclusively delegated to Black people.

However, Orania claims it is the only community that shuns "the system of cheap black labor" and has cut ties with colonial and apartheid-era work practices.

"We do our own work, from gardening to cleaning our houses, our own toilets to construction, everything," spokesman Joost Strydom added.

The town has its own currency, the ora, which TikTok user @elsa.majimbo also called attention to in her video.

"They have their own currency as well because how do I want to buy bread and Nelson Mandela is the one on the paper," she said.

Prospective residents of Orania are vetted and must have no criminal record and "share the values and subscribe" to the town's goals, Strydom said.

Boshoff claimed that no measures were in place to stop non-white Afrikaners from applying, but no one ever has.

"We haven't found anybody," he said.

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