Deputy Resigns After Pulling Gun On Pregnant Black Woman In Video

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A Florida sheriff's deputy has resigned after body camera footage revealed he pulled a gun on a pregnant Black woman during a traffic stop, ABC News reports.

Ebony Washington, who is expecting her fourth child, was driving with her kids from Gainesville to Jacksonville when Bradford County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason DeSue attempted to pull her over for speeding 20mph over the limit, according to officials.

Washington said she turned on her emergency lights and kept driving to find a well-lit area before being pulled over by the deputy.

“It was dark [and I was] with my kids. I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t want to be able to not have anyone else around,” Washington told 11 News.

After Washington didn't immediately stop, Desue threatened to put her "into the ground" on the loudspeaker of his cruiser.

“Pull the vehicle over, or I’ll put you into the ground,” DeSue said in the bodycam video.

As Washington pulled into a gas station parking lot, the deputy got out of his vehicle and pointed a gun at her.

“If you make any movement, that’ll be your last mistake you’re gonna make,” DeSue can be heard saying in the video. “Do not move.”

Following the deputy's orders, the pregnant mother exited the car holding her three children, apologized to DeSue, and attempted to explain why she didn't immediately pull over.

“I’m trying to tell you the only reason why I didn’t stop,” Washington said. “I’m a very educated woman with a master’s degree … I was only not because it’s dark out and I have three kids with me. I’m pregnant, and I did not want them to feel uncomfortable.”

“Shut up about the why,” DeSue responded, per the video. “Don’t care about the why.”

At the end of the encounter, Washington was issued a speeding ticket and left.

The sheriff's department concluded that DeSue had violated department standards after reviewing the video of the incident, according to reports.

Washington told 11News that she still worries about what would've happened if she wasn't “obliging [and] corresponding” to the deputy's orders during the stop.

“Had I done any type of movement outside of what he asked me to do, that could’ve been the opportunity for him to pull the trigger,” she said.

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