Police Officer Fired After Being Caught Using N-Word In Body Cam Footage

Photo: Getty Images

A Cincinnati police officer has been fired after body camera footage caught her using racial slurs while in uniform and on duty, WCPO reports.

In the footage, Officer Rose Valentino was heard saying, “F**king n**gers, I f**king hate them!” on April 5 as she drove past Western Hills University High School.

Valentino admitted to cursing at drivers who didn't move their vehicles and using the racial slur in reference to a Black teen who "walked by and gave the middle finger,” per an internal report.

The report also detailed that Valentino claimed she had been "desensitized to racially offensive language by music and hearing people talk on the street" and "frequent exposure had allowed the slur to slip into her vernacular."

On Monday (August 29), the city of Cincinnati moved to officially terminate the 14-year veteran officer, who was suspended after the body camera footage was released.

“I want to be clear; this type of hateful speech will not be tolerated by anyone who works for the Cincinnati Police Department, sworn or civilian,” Interim Police Chief Teresa Theetge said in a statement. “Officer Valentino’s clear loss of her emotions and ready use of the racial slur tarnished her ability to work with any community member or member of the Cincinnati Police Department hurt by her hateful words.”

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