White Man Hurls Racial Slurs At Black Driver Over Parking In Viral Video

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A Georgia man has been arrested after being caught on video hurling racial slurs at a Black truck driver during a parking dispute at a fast food restaurant, the Atlanta Black Star reports.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the arrest of 63-year-old David McConnell on charges of simple assault for the August 24 incident that occurred at a McDonald's in Acworth, Georgia.

McConnell launched a verbal attack against a Black motorist, who wishes to remain unidentified, as the 63-year-old was allegedly upset with the way the man had parked his truck.

“I never thought that it would happen to me,” the unidentified man said. “I parked along the curve here. I walked in and grabbed food and as I was walking out he was coming in and he started yelling and cursing.”

Warning: video contains explicit language.

A now-viral video recorded by the trucker shows McConnell shouting, “Nobody can get around your stupid a**. They can’t get around your stupid a**. I want to knock the f***ing hell out of you in a minute.”

“I brushed it off and walked out and came back to my truck to do an inspection. He came back out continuing to yell using racial slurs,” the trucker recalled of the incident.

“You want my name? You want my license? It says f*** you n****,” McConnell says in the video.

The trucker reported the encounter along with McConnell's license plate number to the Sheriff's office.

“I was shocked," the man said of the incident. "With everything going on, I was afraid, actually, and I just didn’t know what was to come.”

“I held the door open for this guy. I smiled at him as he walked in. Any hate he might have had, I thought he would have changed his demeanor,” the victim explained.

McConnell's assault may be considered a hate crime because he employed racialized language, per Atlanta Black Star.

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