Get Ready To Vote On National Voter Registration Day: Why It Matters

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Tuesday (September 20) marks National Voter Register day, and with midterm elections looming, it's important to ensure you're ready to head to the polls, per the ACLU.

Being registered to vote is a vital step toward ensuring that your voice is heard and your rights are protected.

Before election time, eligible voters should check that their registration is updated with their current address. First-time voters looking for information on how to register and those looking to check their registration status can check out

Now more than ever it's important to get out to the polls to elect officials who align with your values and have the power to protect our right to vote in the future, as attacks on voting rights continue across the country.

Last year, the Biden administration signed off on an executive order to promote voter registration in federal agencies' day-to-day interactions with eligible voters, a practice that has been followed by motor vehicle departments and a number of other state agencies for decades.

On National Voter Registration Day, the ACLU called on the White House to continue to ensure thousands of veterans, students, low-income people, people of color, and others have the opportunity to register to vote not just Tuesday but every day of the year.

To\ learn more about registering to vote or updating your voter registration, click HERE.

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