'I Am Racist': Patrons Harass Black Woman For Visiting A 'White Place'

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Patrons at a Georgia bar admitted to being racist and harassed a Black woman for visiting their "white place," a now-viral video shows.

On Sunday (September 18), video emerged of a woman being harassed by patrons and a server at Hiram's Bar and Grill, where she said she frequently goes to play pool, per BET.

In the video, the woman claps back at a group yelling at her to "get out" of the establishment deemed a place for white people.

“What you doing in a white place like this?” a man questions her, per the video.

“I am in a white place like this because I am here to play pool," she fires back. "This is the only place where there is a pool table. So, that’s what I am doing at a white place.”

The patron then tells her to get her own pool table because she isn't welcome at Hiram's.

“I am racist, and I don’t care,” he says.

Another male at the bar told the woman she was going to "go to jail" for visiting the establishment and defending herself against the racist group.

“What the f**k are you talking about? And you not gonna talk to me. I am gonna sit here, I am gonna finish my food, and then I am gonna leave,” she responded back to the group.

The woman also claimed a server threw her food order at her.

“I asked to turn it down, she snapped at me, and she threw a whole box at me,” she said.

The video shared on Twitter has garnered over 500,000 views with many users calling for others to leave 1-star reviews on the restaurant's Google and Yelp pages.

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