'Scared To Die': Emaciated Inmate Remains In Prison As Health Deteriorates

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The family of the Alabama inmate who appeared to be emaciated and malnourished in photos that went viral says the man is "scared to die" as he remains behind bars and untreated.

Last week, Kassie Vaughan shared disturbing photos she received of her brother Kastellio Vaughan appearing to be in dire need of medical treatment at the Elmore Correctional Facility.

"My brother's health is rapidly declining. As you can see in these photos he is extremely malnourished. In these particular photos he cannot walk nor stand he is weak and vulnerable," Kassie wrote in a Facebook post, begging for help.

The inmate's sister said Friday (September 23) that she hired civil rights attorney Lee Merritt, noting that the family was seeking "medical help" and "not a release."

According to jail records, Kastellio is serving a 20-year sentence on charges of unlawful breaking and entering into a vehicle and burglary.

Merritt said in a press release that Kastellio had "a portion of his intestines" removed during surgery last month due to gunshot wounds he suffered before going to prison.

Kastellio's family believes he was put back into the general population at Elmore Correctional Facility hours after he was released from the hospital.

"Due to inadequate facilities, abuse, and medical neglect, Vaughan's medical condition rapidly deteriorated," Merritt alleged. "Vaughan is believed to have lost 75 lbs of body weight in less than a month. Vaughan surgical scars were exposed to unsanitary conditions and were possibly infected."

On Monday (September 26), "the family and attorneys of Kastellio Vaughn" provided an emergency update to Shaun King on his condition.

"We were able to get his family in to visit him yesterday," an update shared on Instagram reads. "His condition is TERRIBLE. He was filthy and literally bleeding."

The inmate's sister told King that Kastellio is still not receiving medical care.

“He is wearing a pamper & cannot walk. He has to depend on the other inmates to get food from cafeteria and to change him. His clothes were filthy. His feet are the size of footballs. When pressing my hand on his feet the imprint of my hands stay on his feet. He is concerned and doesn’t want it to result in amputation," Kassie said.

"He [Kastellio] told me that he scared to die inside the prison and we broke down crying together and I gave him a hug and told him I’m doing everything in my power.”⁣

However, the Alabama Department of Corrections previously refuted the family's claims in a statement provided to AL.com, saying that Kastellio was receiving appropriate medical care.

"He is assigned to Elmore Correctional Facility (CF) but is currently housed at Staton Medical Observation Unit. ADOC's Office of Health Services has fully investigated his situation from a clinical perspective, and he has been offered all necessary treatment for his condition," the department said. "Also, he has been in touch with his family to update them on his situation."

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