Lyfe Jennings Reveals He Sung For Jeffrey Dahmer While They Were In Prison

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R&B singer Lyfe Jennings is opening up about the request he received from Jeffrey Dahmer while they were allegedly in prison together.

On Sunday (October 2), Jennings shared a video on Instagram detailing his interaction with Dahmer, the infamous serial killer and cannibal at the center of Netflix's new hit series.

In the video, Jennings revealed that Dahmer asked him to sing “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)” by Mint Condition at a point during the singer's prison stint from 1992 to 2002.

"Like I said, I was a porter,” Jennings explained in the video. “In case you don’t know, a porter is a cat who cleans the railings, the floor, mops and sweeps.”

“One particular day I walked past… and Jeffrey said ‘Hey, hey, hey, is that you down there singing?” he continued. “And he [Dahmer] was asking me, you would never guess what song he asked me did I know. 'Pretty Brown Eyes,' so I sang that record. He beat it on the door and all this stuff, man.”

According to reports, the two were incarcerated at Columbia Correctional Institute in Portage, Wisconsin, where Dahmer was ultimately killed in November 1994.

Before his imprisonment, Dahmer is said to have murdered and cannabilized 17 people, who were primarily young Black LGBTQ men, as detailed in Netflix's Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

Social media users had mixed reactions to the Jennings' newly-revealed interaction with the murderer.

"This is crazy. He would killed you, too, if he had the chance. Not the homie," one person commented with a laughing face under the musician's post.

“See this is EXACTLY what the victims’ family and loved ones mean when they say STOP making these movies and series about him,” another chimed in. “People are sensationalizing Dahmer and are desensitized to the horror and gravity of what his actions were.”

"The CIA couldn't have gotten this information out of me.." a Twitter user wrote.

See more reactions to Jennings' video below.

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