University Campus Police Accused Of Racially Profiling Black Student: Video

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A video showing university campus police in Michigan harassing a Black student is making its rounds on social media, with many users accusing the officers of racial profiling.

The recorded encounter between the student and two Oakland University campus police officers, who accused him of presenting false identification, emerged on Twitter Monday (October 3) and has since gone viral.

"Imagine being racially profiled on campus of your school for 3 days in a row. That’s what happened to This young brother at Oakland University (Detroit/Auburn hills) after being accosted by the police & being forced to show his ID only to then be accused of it being a Fake ID," a Twitter user captioned the now-viral video.

In the video, one officer appears to grab the student as he adamantly repeats that he did nothing wrong.

“Why are you grabbing him? Let him go,” a witness asks the officer multiple times.

The campus police officer then claims the student had been hitting him in the arm "the entire time," per the video.

The student continues to plead with the officer to let go of his grip.

“He’s grabbing me, putting his hands on me!” the student yells in the video. “I ain’t do nothing to him!”

The campus police officers eventually allow the student to go into his backpack to get his ID.

After the officers accuse the student of carrying a fake ID, they ask to see another form of identification.

“Open up your wallet, let me see all of them,” the officer says, per the video.

In response, the student pulls out a number of cards and throws them on the ground.

He was eventually able to walk away from the officers without facing charges or detainment, but social media users were critical of how the campus police handled the situation.

See their reactions below.

Oakland University hasn't commented on the now-viral incident, per Black Enterprise.

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