CareerBuilder Is Offering Free Career Coaching

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CareerBuilder's Chief Marketing Officer Kristin Kelley sat down with the BIN Daily Podcast to discuss its mission to help people in the Black community build the career of their dreams.

In a conversation with Ramses Ja, Kelley shared details about the latest offering of the Black Information Network's partnership with CareerBuilder to connect 100,000 Black job seekers who are looking to advance their careers with employers.

Ahead of holiday hiring, BIN and Careerbuilder announced free coaching session, which "allows people to have a 45-minute free coaching session where they can do a deep dive into their own skillsets, maybe new jobs that they could be looking at, thinking about, talking about how to make career transitions or reenter the workforce," Kelley explained.

"We feel that it's important because having a live interactive dialogue with someone who can give you real-time advice is very critical to folks who are maneuvering the employment space today," she added. "That isn't always readily available to everybody. By having [this] partnership and access to 5,000-plus career coaches, we're allowing people to have an opportunity to connect with someone that can serve as a mentor, a sponsor, to help them navigate things that might be unknown to them."

Kelley continued, "Personally, being in the employment space for quite a long time, it can be overwhelming what resources can be available to you or how to find these resources. Our goal with the Black Information Network in this particular initiative is to bring all of that tooling together in a place, so it's a one-stop shop to help people navigate this very new environment that we're living in, in terms of people finding jobs and [we want to] help people find those jobs."

Listen to Kelley's full interview Ramses Ja below.

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