Why These Midterm Elections Matter: What's At Stake

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As midterm elections loom, it’s time to get ready to vote.

Though the presidency is not up for grabs, members of Congress and state and local officials will be on the ballot, and those elected will largely shape the second half of President Joe Biden’s term and the day-to-day life of the American people.

Every two years, all seats in the House of Representatives are up for election, giving registered voters the power to determine who will represent their state in Congress this November. Senators, however, serve six-year terms, so voters across the country will have a chance to decide on about a third of the seats that make up the 100-member Senate, per the Washington Post.

This election will determine whether the Democrats will keep their majority in both chambers of Congress or if the rest of Biden’s presidential term will be hampered by Republicans gaining control of the Senate and House. Republicans only need to flip five Democratic seats to hold the House majority.

In the Senate, Republicans need to win just one Democratic seat to take back control. A Republican-majority Senate could block Biden’s nominees for the Supreme Court if there is an unexpected opening. Some Republicans are also looking to pass a national abortion ban. If Democrats grow their majority in Senate, they could garner enough votes to break through the filibuster on issues like voting rights and gun control. With a Democratic majority, the Senate could also move to codify abortion rights and same-sex marriage into federal law.

“If you give me two more senators in the United States Senate, I promise you, I promise you, we’re going to codify Roe and once again make Roe the law of the land,” Biden said, per The Post.

On the state and local levels, governors, chief election officials, legislators, and a number of various local positions will be voted on along with multiple ballot initiatives to change state policies on issues like abortion, education, and crime.

Election Day is Nov. 8. Make sure you're registered to vote here.

Every election season has the power to reshape the country and American life.

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