Meet Dieunerst Collin: Popeyes Meme Kid Turned College Football Player

Photo: Lake Erie College Storm Athletics

The 9-year-old immortalized in time as the Popeyes meme kid is now a college football player.

In 2013, Dieunerst Collin, then 9, was mistaken for viral star Lil Terio and his hilarious reaction to the misidentification garnered over 19 million views on Vine. Collin's awkward look to the camera after he was mistakenly identified was recorded in a Popeyes and has since been widely used as a meme and a marketing tool for the fast food chain.

But in 2023, the viral sensation, now 19, is making a name for himself on the football field.

According to Fox 8, Collin, a New Jersey native, plays football for Lake Eerie College, an NCAA Div. II program in Painseville, Ohio. The 330 lbs and 6′1 athlete, is a freshman offensive lineman, per Lake Eerie College Storm Athletics.

Collin started playing D2 football after he was awarded First Team All-Conference, County, and Division, and Second Team All-State in New Jersey. He’s majoring in sports management and in comedian studies at Lake Eerie.

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