Popeyes Meme Kid Turned College Football Player Stars In Super Bowl Ad

Photo: Lake Erie College Storm Athletics

Nearly a decade after becoming a viral sensation as the "Popeyes Meme Kid," Dieunerst Collin, now a college football player, has landed his own Super Bowl commercial with the fast food chain.

According to People, Collin, now 18, stars in Popeyes' new game day ad, which debuted on Monday (February 6) ahead of Super Bowl LVII.

"You might know me, I used to be that meme kid. And now, I'm in Popeyes' big game ad," Collin says in the ad as he pulls up to a house in a white Tesla.

"It's got all of those things those ads have, like a nice ride. Electric, of course," he continues as he autographs a Popeyes cup. "It's got puppies."

Collin then walks into the house, where he's greeted by a litter of puppies.

"And it's even got my own celebrity meal offer," he says.

Popeyes' game day ad is promoting its "Eyes on the Fries (or Pies)" offer, which allows Rewards customers who spend at least $20 on their order to earn 400 bonus points on the app. The points are redeemable for free fries and a pie on a customer's next order.

Collin, a freshman offensive lineman at Lake Erie College, was thrust back into the spotlight after an image went viral of his 2013 meme next to a recent photo of him holding a state championship trophy.

Popeyes subsequently signed Collin to an NIL deal, which includes his face on a billboard and "other fun content to come," the company said in a press release.

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