Settlement Reached For Black Couple Lowballed $500K By Home Appraiser

Photo: Getty Images

A Black couple in California has settled their lawsuit against an appraiser who lowballed the value of their home by $500,000 due to alleged racial discrimination, per ABC7.

Paul and Tenisha Austin went viral for conducting a "white-washing" experiment on their home in Marin City after receiving what they suspected was a low appraisal during a refinance in 2020. As a part of the experiment, the Austins took down family photos, artwork, and even put away certain hair products all while having their white friend stand in for a second appraisal.

The value of their home skyrocketed from $945,000 to $1.5 million according to the appraisal that occurred after the "white-washing."

The first appraiser has now been ordered to pay the couple an undisclosed amount of money, agree to not discriminate in the future, attend special training by the Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California, and watch Our America: Lowballed, a documentary that covers the Austins low appraisal.

The Austins previously settled a separate lawsuit against the appraisal management company that dispatched the low appraisal.

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