Twitter Reacts To Marjorie Greene Equating White Supremacist To N-Word

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is the talk of social media after she equated being called a white supremacist to a Black person being called the N-word.

On Thursday (May 18), Greene made the comparison in response to an incident that occurred on Wednesday (May 17) involving Democratic congressman Jamaal Bowman, per Revolt.

“Jamaal Bowman [was] shouting at the top of his lungs, cursing, calling me a horrible — calling me a white supremacist, which I take great offense to," Greene told reporters on Thursday. "That is like calling a person of color the N-word, which should never happen. Calling me a white supremacist is equal to that. And that is wrong."

Greene also claimed that Bowman, who is Black, was behaving "aggressively" and in a way that made her feel "threatened."

Twitter users were quick to call out Greene for her comments.

“This is exactly something a white supremacist would say,” one person tweeted.

“Her ‘I feel threatened by him’ of Jamaal Bowman has undertones of the 1950s white lady distress call, ‘He whistled at me,’” another Twitter user wrote.

Bowman also responded to Greene's comments, saying she was putting him in danger by wrongly painting him as "aggressive."

Greene is “not even using a dog whistle” but a “bullhorn to put a target on my back,” he said.

“Throughout history, Black men have continually been characterized as aggressive because, one, of our skin color, but two, because we happen to be outspoken and passionate about certain issues,” Bowman added.

“Anyone who has interacted with me, anyone who knows me, any reporters here know I’m middle school principal energy. I’m teacher energy. I’m always loving and engaging and friendly, except when kids are being killed in our streets. Everyone should be outraged about that,” he said.

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