Mystery Surrounds Death Of College Student Found In Middle Of Road

Photo: Getty Images

The mother of a Tennessee State University student is seeking answers after her daughter was found dead in the middle of a road earlier this month.

"It's just really hard for me to understand why someone would just leave her," mother Bianca Kanu told Inside Edition.

Bianca said her daughter, Mia, was home for the summer in Michigan when her body was discovered in the middle of the road. The mother noted that Mia had started hanging out with a new group of friends around the time of her death.

"I had concerns," Bianca said of the new friends. "There were just some things that weren't adding up for me as a mom."

On the night of her death, Mia went to a house party, where an argument ensued, according to authorities. She left the party in a car with two acquaintances and is believed to have been riding in the back seat before her death.

Authorities are still trying to figure out whether Mia fell or was pushed out of the vehicle. She was pronounced dead two days after she was discovered on the road.

"Nobody called 911, nobody came back around. If that's your friend?" Mia's mother said.

Police are reportedly investigating Mia's death as a homicide, but said they haven't found any evidence that she was assaulted.

"No matter which way I spin it, I just really can't put it together. This is traumatic," Bianca said.

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